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The Superior Choice: Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

dental implants in greenwood

Exploring the Advantages of Dental Implants at Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood, Indianapolis, IN

When restoring a confident smile and optimal oral function, the Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood, led by the experienced Dr. Michelle Lumsdon, offers a modern and effective solution: dental implants. Compared to traditional dentures, dental implants bring unparalleled benefits, including enhanced stability, comfort, and a natural appearance. Let’s delve into the advantages of dental implants over traditional dentures, shedding light on why they are the superior choice for individuals seeking a long-lasting and highly functional tooth replacement option.

The Stability Advantage – Rediscovering the Joy of Biting and Chewing

One of the primary concerns for those with traditional dentures is the stability of their prosthetic teeth. Dentures are often known to slip or shift during eating or talking, causing embarrassment and discomfort. On the other hand, dental implants provide a stable foundation that mimics the natural structure of teeth. Through a process known as osseointegration, dental implants fuse with the jawbone, creating a secure and permanent anchor for prosthetic teeth.

With dental implants, patients at Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood experience a renewed sense of confidence during mealtimes. They can enjoy their favorite foods without fear of denture movement, allowing them to savor each bite and maintain a balanced diet for overall health.

The Comfort Factor – A Comfortable Fit for Everyday Life

Comfort is a critical factor when choosing between dental implants and traditional dentures. Traditional dentures often cause sore spots, irritation, and even ulcers due to friction between the prosthetic and the gums. Ill-fitting dentures can also lead to difficulty speaking clearly, affecting a person’s confidence in social interactions.

At Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood, Dr. Michelle Lumsdon and her team prioritize patient comfort. Dental implants offer an improved fit that eliminates discomfort and promotes optimal oral health. As the implants become a natural part of the jawbone, they alleviate pressure on the gums and provide a secure foundation for prosthetic teeth. This results in a more comfortable and seamless integration into daily life.

The Natural Appearance – Restoring Your Smile to Its Former Glory

The appearance of one’s smile plays a vital role in self-esteem and overall well-being. Traditional dentures can sometimes have a noticeable, artificial appearance, causing patients to feel self-conscious about their smiles. Dental implants, on the other hand, closely resemble natural teeth in both look and feel. The prosthetic teeth are customized to match the patient’s existing teeth in color, shape, and size, creating a harmonious and authentic smile.

At Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood, Dr. Lumsdon and her team prioritize the aesthetic aspect of dental implant treatment. Patients are delighted to regain a natural smile that enhances their overall facial appearance. With dental implants, the smile restoration isn’t just functional – it’s a work of art that boosts self-confidence and allows individuals to face the world with a genuine and radiant smile.

The Longevity and Investment – A Wise Investment in Oral Health

Dental implants offer immediate and long-term benefits that make them a valuable investment in oral health. While traditional dentures may require adjustments and replacements over time due to changes in jawbone structure, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

At Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood, patients receive comprehensive guidance on caring for their dental implants to ensure longevity. It means fewer visits for adjustments or replacements, saving time and money in the long run. Dental implants are a testament to the clinic’s commitment to providing practical and durable solutions for their patient’s dental needs.


Get Your Dental Implant at Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood

As we’ve explored, Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood, under the expert guidance of Dr. Michelle Lumsdon, offers an exceptional solution to tooth loss with dental implants. The advantages of dental implants over traditional dentures are vast and impactful, from improved stability and comfort to a natural appearance that boosts confidence. Patients who choose dental implants at Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood can expect a transformed smile and a renewed sense of freedom and self-assuredness in their daily lives. 

Suppose you’re seeking a tooth replacement solution that goes beyond mere functionality. In that case, dental implants are undoubtedly the superior choice, backed by the expertise and care provided by Dr. Lumsdon and her dedicated team.